It’s a Motown Christmas on TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Network featured a special “Motown Christmas” Praise the Lord program hosted by Grammy Award winning Gospel recording artist Smokie Norful, from TBN’s historic studio in New York City. The exciting show featured music from the 2014 Motown Christmas CD and included Christ-honoring numbers from such popular Gospel recording artists as Janice Gaines, Brian Courtney Wilson, Anita Wilson, Gene Moore, and others.

The program also included Christmas-themed interviews and segments from actress Kim Fields, pastor and author Nicky Collins, former NFL player and inspirational speaker Tommie Harris, and popular pastor and author DeForest Soaries.

Here’s a great video with just a sampling of the dynamic music from that special evening. And Click Here to watch the entire program on TBN’s iTBN online network.

Duche Bradley on TBN’s Praise the Lord: God Can Save The Most Hopeless of Individuals

Duche Bradley’s story is one of God’s mercy reaching into a world of hopelessness, anger, and violence. Growing up without his biological father, Duche found anger filling the void where healthy emotions belonged. As a teen he began selling marijuana, but before long that turned into cocaine. Eventually Duche turned into a street thug and a full-blown drug kingpen, using force and violence to make his way.

Through it all there was one thing that Duche valued and cherished above everything else in life: his son. He vowed that he would never leave his son like he had been left along.

But one day his past caught up with him, he was arrested with bricks of cocaine in his possession, and he suddenly faced decades in prison — unable to fulfill the vow of being there for his son.

In prison Duche was brought face-to-face with his sin and a Savior, and when he prayed, God miraculously answered.

Watch this powerful video testimony from Trinity Broadcasting Network as Duche Bradley tells what happened to restore him to his son and give hm new life.

Greg Laurie on Making Jesus’ Message Accessible

Why do so many people today tune out the message of the gospel when they hear it from friends or family or on TV or radio? Pastor Greg Laurie, who has shared the gospel successfully for over thirty years to all kinds of people, said on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show that today’s culture by and large does not understand the language of evangelical Christianity.

“Jesus is God, but when He walked this earth He was so accessible to people that even little children were attracted to Him,” said Pastor Greg, adding that the same must go for how we as Christians share the gospel with those around us. “We live in a biblically illiterate time. You cannot assume that people today understand when we talk about being saved or born again, or when we speak of redemption…. I think that one of the reasons people don’t respond to invitations to receive Jesus is because they don’t understand the language. It doesn’t make sense to them.”

Watch this practical video as Pastor Greg talks about making the message of Jesus accessible to people in today’s culture.

Is Your Christmas Tree a Pagan Idol? Here’s What Kirk Cameron Has to say

We’ve all heard the arguments from well-meaning Christians who refuse to have a Christmas tree in their homes because (they claim) this tradition, beloved throughout much of the Christian world, has pagan roots.

Well, you can relax and refuse the guilt trip. Watch this video as TBN host Kirk Cameron walks us through a number of common traditions that have pagan foundations — from wedding rings to birthday candles to the days of the week — and assures that the liberty we have in Christ has rendered any demonic strategies powerless.

“Instead of feeling ashamed of the superstitions that used to be attached to your traditions,” said Kirk, “with things like Christmas trees, or decorations, or pumpkins, or rings, or candles on a birthday cake, be thankful for the God who trounced all of that paganism and idolatry, and publicly humiliated and defeated the devil at the cross….”

A great TBN video worth watching!

Jesus Has Come to Free Us From the Chains That Bind Us — Watch This Powerful Video Clip From TBN

It’s a fact of life — we all have crutches that we use to try to give meaning and balance to our lives. And it is equally true that to a greater or lesser extent these crutches keep us from embracing true and abundant life. In fact, some of these crutches — alcohol, drugs, pornography, unhealthy relationships — can be utterly destructive, bringing chaos, confusion, and untold hurt to our lives.

The lifestyle choices we make to compensate for lack, pain, or circumstances in our lives are crutches, said UK pastor Gary Clarke on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show from TBN’s London studio.

Watch this short but powerful TBN video for Gary’s wise counsel on how Christ came to replace the crutches of our lives with His salvation and healing.