Naghmeh Abedini Tells About Her Husband, Iranian-American Pastor Seed Abedini, Imprisoned in Iran for Sharing Jesus With His People

Naghmeh Abedini was a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program, where she spoke about her husband Saeed, an Iranian-American pastor imprisoned in Iran for sharing Jesus with his native people.

In her poignant, emotional testimony, Naghmeh recalled how she came to Christ through the witness of her brother, and how her Muslim parents, who opposed her Christian commitment, eventually came to Christ as well.

Raised in Idaho, Naghmeh met her future husband in church on a trip back to her native Iran. As a young couple the two were arrested numerous times for boldly sharing the gospel. In 2012, Saeed, who pastored in Idaho, was arrested during a missions trip to Iran and sentenced to eight years in prison for sharing his faith.

During her TBN interview Naghmeh shared powerfully about how God has covered her and her children during this trial they are facing, and how they are still believing — along with countless thousands of people across the world who are standing with them in prayer — that God will deliver Saeed and bring him back to his family.

Naghmeh’s testimony will touch you deeply and give you a sense of the price many people around the world are paying for following Christ. Watch the powerful TBN video clip, and then Click Here to watch the entire interview and testimony with Naghmeh Abedini, which begins at 1 hour, 5 minutes into the program.

Ian McCormack Tells His Incredible After-Life Experience on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord Program

In 1982 Ian McCormack, a young atheist seeking for adventure, was diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung by five deadly box jellyfish. Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show Ian, now a pastor, told the story of how Jesus came to him in the throes of death and led him to salvation — and back to life.

Ian related to the TBN audience that as his body lay in the ambulance, “I felt time slow down…. I saw the ambulance door swing open and they raced me into the hospital to try to take my blood pressure, and I had no pulse…. And I heard the doctors tell me to keep my eyes open or I would die.”

Ian recalled that he could not keep his eyes opened, and as he closed them “I immediately flat-lined and in a second I was out of my body.”

Watch this powerful TBN video as Ian shares how he was taken to hell and how Jesus brought him back to life and into his destiny. And Click Here to watch the entire interview with Ian McCormack, which begins at 1 hour into the program.

God Can Reach and Save Terrorists, Former Terrorist-in-Training Explains on TBN’s Praise the Lord Program

Ed Smith is the dynamic, successful pastor of Zoe Christian Fellowship in Whittier, California. But before God got a hold of his life, Ed was an angry young man who dreamed of being involved in a terrorist revolution to take over America.

“I was a typical, urban, African-American young man, lost, without a father,” recalled Pastor Ed. “I had every reason to hate and blame other people for my problems.”

Becoming involved in a government program designed to help young gang members find their way, Pastor Ed said that instead, the program was used to train him and other young men as would-be terrorists in a hoped-for revolution to take over America. “The program taught us hate, and I became what I would describe as an urban terrorist,” he said. “We were waiting for the revolution to take place.”

But in the midst of his hate, God broke into Ed’s life. “When I went to college I was searching for truth,” he said. “I wanted my life to count for something. And the truth I found was Jesus. When I received Christ, it totally changed my life.”

Recalling that his salvation happened during the Charismatic movement of the 1970s, when many Christians were praying for a move of God on the nation, Pastor Ed challenged that America — and the world — is poised for a similar move of God, if Christians will commit to praying.

“The same situation exists today, with anger, terrorism, and unrest rising around the nation and world, bringing fear and uncertainty,” he said. “But God wants to bring faith. And if God’s people begin to humble themselves and pray, God will heal this nation and this world, and raise up leaders — even men like I was, confused, angry, on the wrong track — who will follow God with all of their hearts.”

Watch this astounding and moving video of a man who was poised to terrorize America, until God arrested him and gave him something to live for!

Pastor Steve Green on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: God Is Raising up Youth for His Kingdom’s Purpose

Pastor Steve Green of More Than Conquerors Faith Church in Birmingham, Alabama has a heart for young people today. Speaking recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show Pastor Green recalled that as a youth God called David into a role that he was destined to fulfill. Walking into the camp of the Israelite army, he saw the giant Goliath challenging God’s people and wondered how King Saul and the others could let him get away with it.

Pastor Green recounted that David walked down to a brook and selected five smooth stones, “and out of those stones he takes something that looks like nothing and brings victory for God’s people by killing this giant who is defying God. And he is able to do what Saul could not do, and what his own brothers could not do.”

Pastor Green said that today God is calling a generation of young people who in the natural look like they don’t have what it takes to be victorious in this world, “and he is equipping them to be His men and women for this day and age.”

He noted that just like the Philistines were trying to take Judah, which belonged to God (1 Samuel 17), today the enemy is trying to steal the hearts and minds of young people, who belong to God.

Watch this powerful video and see how God is raising up young people for His purposes.

Samuel Rodriguez on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” Show: “Jesus Does Great Things With Broken Pieces”

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez had a special message on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” program for people who have gone through periods of brokenness. “The process of breaking that God does in each one of us will lead us to His best for our lives,” he said. “He will never leave us broken. He will always bring us back to wholeness and purpose.”

He emphasized that “Jesus does great things with broken pieces. If you have been through a season of brokenness and the circumstances around you have left you in shambles and pieces, if you’ve been betrayed, if someone has done you harm — in short, if you are broken right now, you are not disqualified. You see, it’s not about what we do for Him, but about what He did for us.”

What that means is that if you’ve been through the toughest season of your life, if you’ve been broken, if you dream has been shattered, if your family has been attacked — listen to me, you have not been disqualified. Jesus does wonderful things with broken pieces and broken people.”

This is a video worth seeing several times — to get its message deep in your spirit.