Trinity Broadcasting Network Welcomes Rick Santorum to TBN’s “Praise the Lord” Program

On a recent TBN “Praise the Lord” program, former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum talked about how he came into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Recalling that his immigrant father instilled in him the value of hard work, Mr. Santorum said that he put diligent effort into earning a number of degrees, including one in law, that ultimately helped him in his political career. “I was a busy man,” he said. “In fact, I was driven.”

Mr. Santorum recalled that when he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1995 at the young age of 36, he realized that he had a six year term to serve his Pennsylvania constituents, “and it suddenly hit me, ‘Here I am. Why am I here?’”

Mr. Santorum went on to emphasize about the importance of reflecting on one’s purpose. “It’s so important to take time to reflect, take time to contemplate and to pray, and I just didn’t. I was busy.”

But when a Senate colleague invited Senator Santorum to a Bible study given by the Senate chaplain, the Rev. Lloyd John Ogilvie. “So I went to the Bible study, we joined a new church, and my life changed.”

Watch this impacting video and see how God moved in Rick Santorum’s life.”

TBN Ministry Partner Brings Prophetic Insight to “Praise the Lord”

Trinity Broadcasting Network ministry partner Perry Stone is known internationally as a leading authority on prophecy and Scripture. His weekly program “Manna Fest” is broadcast worldwide on TBN, bringing viewers fresh and relevant perspective on where the world — and the church — stands in relation to Old and New Testament Scripture.

During a recent TBN “Praise the Lord” segment Perry recalled how in 1988 a rabbi in Jerusalem took him on a tour under the famed Temple Mount in Jerusalem. “He said to us,” recalled Perry, “that there are coded messages in the Bible, and everything that is going to happen in the future is encoded in the book of Genesis.”

Perry went on to relate how he began to search through the book of Genesis, reasoning that “if time is going forward but in order to know what is going to happen in the future you have to go backwards, what happens if I take the biblical stories in Genesis” and find the keys to them in subsequent books?

Watch this fascinating and thought-provoking video as Perry Stone connects sections of Genesis to what has happened — and is happening — in the church age.

Classic Video: TBN Ministry Partner Joseph Prince Talks About Gaining Victory Over Bondage

Joseph Prince has been offering a clear message of God’s grace for many years, a message that has gone around the world over the Trinity Broadcasting Network. “On his daily TBN program ‘Destined to Reign’ and through his appearance’s on TBN’s ‘Praise the Lord,’ Joseph Prince has called people to a higher place in their walk with God,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “We are always blessed by his message.”

In this classic TBN “Praise the Lord” video clip, Pastor Prince talks about how we as God’s children can claim our place as the “righteousness of God in Christ Jesus,” even as God is delivering us from deep-seated cycles of sin in our lives.

“I recall one particular instance in which this precious man had a sexual addiction since he was thirteen years old,” recalled Pastor Prince. “He was addicted to pornographic websites. Now he is an adult and has come to faith in Christ. And he said that he learned from my first book, ‘Destined to Reign,’ that even though he was still in the bondage of sin he needed to confess, ‘I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.’ And so he began to confess that over and over, and he said that at first he got worse, before he got better.

“But finally, after some months, he realized that he no longer had the craving for pornography that he had once had. He had been set free from a life-long addiction.”

Noted Pastor Prince: “Right believing and right confessing will lead us to right living, through the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Mike Hayes and a TBN Panel Talk About the Importance of Mentoring

Isaac Pitre

Mike Hayes: I don’t understand the Christian idea that we can have a church culture where you get saved, baptized, filled with the Spirit, and then you are done and you sit on the sidelines.

You can take the greatest golfers in the world, tiger or whoever, and all those guys have coaches. They have mental coaches. They have swing coaches. They have travel and life coaches. And they recognize that they are not going to be in the one percent if they don’t have someone who can coach them.

Some of the guys that I pastored through the years who come out of professional athletics, who were typically high school athletes, standouts in college then went to pro ranks, they are easy to pastor, because they have been coached for years and they recognize the importance of having a coach, a mentor.

One of the guys I hired, Gordon Banks from the Dallas Cowboys, finished his career, had been coached all his life, and was easy to train in ministry and become great because he was coachable. He recognized that he had walked into a different environment, and that if he was going to be an effective pastor he was going to have to be coached by another pastor.

Isaac Pitre: Once you get saved and begin that road of destiny in Christ, you have to be trained in order to be excellent. We came from that model where we just prayed it all through. And prayer works. But what prayer does, it puts things in motion in the earth to bring you to that place. We have got to get back to the point in the church where you take the member and say, “Okay, God called you, He saved you. Now it’s time to be equipped for excellence and released.

Once we get the why discovered, now we have to get the why developed. And it takes training, coaching, and encouragement. If you have a church culture that is not pursuing that, you don’t even see the need for that. Nearly every great man or woman of God has been mentored and trained, because it takes that to reach the level of development that God has for each of us.

That is what the church is all about. As pastors we give revelation and inspiration and all that, but when our members leave the Sunday meeting or the midweek service or whatever, their relationships have not ended. They are going to need people to mentor them in their particular ministry assignment, whether that is in the marketplace, in the classroom, in media, whatever.

Mike Hayes: Here’s an example. Years ago at our church we saw the great need for a premarital counseling program to prepare couples to be married. We got more resistance from that than you can imagine. Culturally coming out of the world here is the presumption people have: “You are a church. You are a pastor. You are somehow obligated to marry us. We want it on this day. Have the church ready and we want to get out of here and we may not come back again. Why do we need premarital counseling?”

Of course, one of the answers it so that you don’t kill each other the first 30 days of marriage. [audience laughter]

Today we still have a cultural problem with marriage. You can watch television programs where you can tell, all of the emphasis and the fantasy for a young lady in America is on the wedding, not the marriage. There is no training for being married. There is only information on how to have a fairytale wedding.

There’s not even a thought about how to make the marriage strong after the night of the wedding is over. All the emphasis is on the dress, the music, and the after party and the bridesmaids, but with no idea how to run a marriage. And there is still resistance to training for that.

Chuck Pierce: We also don’t train in covenant. The body of Christ is in covenant. That is why we take communion. That is why we come together. And everything we talked about is immersed in this covenant with God.

If we are not training people in covenant they will never understand covenant, because most have come out of broken covenants. The main thing Christians have to see is that the Bible says we have a future. Every one of our TBN audience watching tonight, listen: you have a future. Now a future means you have an expected end that is to come about and that end should be greater than your beginning.

So if you have a future, you’ve got to know what your destiny is because you are pressing towards the future that God has for you. So many times that is why we have to have the right voice speaking into it.  I have to have the right voice speaking into me if I’m calling for the healing of the nations. I have to know how to go to the nations.

Keith Craft: Yes, that is so true. Jesus came so we can have life more abundantly. One of the saddest times in history was Daniel chapter one, when the Bible says God turned his people over to the Chaldeans. God turned them over and put them under Pharaoh’s rule. They were taught the way of the Chaldeans.

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were taught the language and culture for three years in a world system because God had the big picture in place, and he knew he needed them to rise up as leaders who would lead the His people in that period of time. I say that to say this. For too long we have looked to the world for leadership.

We have to have in the structure of the church servant leadership models that are raised up because I believe what Martin Luther King Jr. said, and that is transformation happens at the level of service. God is not looking for a volunteer mentality in the church world. They picked up the world volunteer and we look for volunteers. That is not in the Bible. God is looking for people who will servant lead.

And here is how I would challenge our TBN viewers. Find a place you can serve. The answer to your purpose is to be about your Father’s business, just like Jesus was at twelve years old. What did He do? He served for 18 years before he ever led anywhere.

Evangelist Mark Hankins Speaks of a Personal Miracle on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”

Mark Hankins

Trinity Broadcasting Network host Dwight Thompson sat down with evangelist Mark Hankins to hear how God miraculously touched Mark’s wife Trina.

Dwight Thompson: Brother Mark, I know that your precious beautiful wife Trina had a remarkable miracle in her body. Talk to our TBN audience about that.

Mark Hankins: My wife is here tonight. She is perfectly whole and perfectly well. We give Jesus the glory for that.

It began with a seizure, and we took her by ambulance to the doctor, where a neurosurgeon did different tests on her and all kinds of scans on her brain. They told me Trina had an inoperable brain tumor. They said, We can do experimental surgery on her that will leave her a vegetable, paralyzed for the rest of her life. There is nothing we can do.”

So we had eight days in the hospital where the doctors were going through tests and planning to go into her brain to see what kind of tumor it was. There was nothing they could do about it. But I had heard the message of faith from Kenneth E. Hagin, whom we call “Dad Hagin.” I learned in Mark 11:22 that Jesus said, “Have faith in God.” It is very important to not take God out of your faith formula. In other words, he said have faith in God. Then in verse 23, Jesus explains it. He makes it so simple. You don’t need a theologian to confuse this. What Jesus said in Mark 11:23 is this: “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea …” Why did he say “cast into the sea?” Because the sea has the capacity to receive that mountain and the mountain will dissolve and disappear and there will be no evidence it was ever there.

That means the mountain ain’t coming back. He is not moving it to the neighbor’s yard or to next year. He is totally destroying and dissolving that mountain. Say to the mountain, “Be removed and cast into the sea.” Allow your heart to agree with what you are saying.

And then He said that whosever believes that “those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

I began studying that from “Dad” Hagin. He set me free from the fear of repetition. That means he stuck with it until finally I went, “Ah! Dad Hagin said it this way. Believing and speaking opens the door to the supernatural.

In other words, if you want supernatural results, it is not enough just to believe. You have authority as a believer and you must say what you believe. You need to speak to the mountain and open the door to the supernatural. I realized my job was not to move the tumor. My job was to open the door to the supernatural and introduce the tumor to Jehovah Rapha.

It ain’t my job, so I’m not intimidated by no tumor or no cancer because my job is not to heal it or move it. My job is to open the door of the supernatural and let Jehovah Rapha come through.

I went into the hospital room as she laid there and I said, “Tumor, I’d like to talk to you. I’m not talking about you. I’m not talking to God about you. I’m talking to you. I have authority as a believer. I command you to be removed in the Name of Jesus. And, not only be removed, but go into the sea, which means, you are not coming back. And in the Name of Jesus, I declare that is happening right now and it shall come to pass, and I have whatsoever I say. That means nothing is impossible to the believer.”

And so we had eight days of praising the Lord and eight days of calling things which be not as though they were — eight days of speaking the Word of God. We took the Word like medicine. Psalm 107:20 says that the word healed them. Instead of trying to get God to heal you or get enough faith for healing, just take the medicine. Here is the prescription. He tells you how to take it and it is guaranteed to heal. The doctor is in. That means Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is alive.

So, just quickly to say this. Trina went in, and they said, “We want to see exactly what is going on in her brain.” She went into surgery. After four hours or five hours of surgery, the neurosurgeon came back and said, “I don’t know what to tell you. The tumor that was on every test has disappeared.” We give Him praise and glory!

Here is an interesting thing that happened. When she was going down into surgery, instead of being afraid or instead of praying that concern prayer, we rolled into surgery and Trina was laughing on that table with this big thing on her head. I love what Smith Wigglesworth said. He said that faith laughs at impossibility.

In other words, right in the middle of that situation that looks impossible, when you believe God, you can go ahead and throw your head back and just laugh. I challenge you right now to just start laughing right now. Take three things that look impossible and just say “Ha, Ha Ha”! And begin to declare that they are removed and cast into the sea in Jesus’ Name.